4″x8″ Brick w/ 3 Lines – $75

Each 4×8 brick paver has filler inserted into the engraved letters to preserve the quality of the engraving and to provide a permanent contrast, which assures future legibility.

Don’t forget to also order your replica brick.

A “replica” is a duplicate of the installed engraved brick which is shipped directly to the your home or office for display. Your replica brick will be received within weeks after ordering. Replicas include felt dots on the bottom of the brick (protects surfaces).

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Each Replica is $50

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Your inscription may have up to 15 characters per line. Letters, numbers, symbols, spaces and punctuation count as a character. Only letters and symbols on a standard keyboard are acceptable. All text is automatically centered and in uppercase.

Please do not include e-mail addresses, phone numbers, web addresses or inappropriate language. We reserve the absolute right to approve all text prior to production. Exceptions will not be permitted.

Note: The number of lines available are dependent on the size of brick you have selected.

Engraving Line 1
Maximum of 15 characters allowed.

Engraving Line 2
Maximum of 15 characters allowed.

Engraving Line 3
Maximum of 15 characters allowed.

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