Brick Fundraiser

OFA 8 by 8 brick Logo

Paving the way
Legacy Bricks recognizes donors in a permanent way by leaving their names and messages for all scholars and families to read while visiting exclusive sections of outdoor classrooms and walkways placed on the campuses. Reserve an engraved brick for yourself, family or friends and your tribute will be prominently displayed on the campus of your choice, making a lasting impression for the next generation.

CLICK below have your personal message engraved on a brick that will be installed at the campus of your choice:

Replica bricks are available for purchase to display in your home or office. After your brick has been installed, you will receive a locator map so you can easily find yours when visiting your campus.

Ideas for Inscriptions
The Legacy Bricks are a lasting way to pay tribute to loved ones and recognize donors with a personal expression. But just like custom license plates, space is limited so you need to choose your words carefully.

  • Names and nicknames gives viewers insight to your tribute.
  • Dates establish a historical reference for future generations.
  • Titles or rolls tell visitors what a person’s roll is in life.
  • A favorite quote or verse tells what is important to you or your loved one.
  • A special connection inscription sends a message of thanks or love as a gesture to someone important in your life.
  • Combine any of the above to create a memorial brick for a deceased love one.


Can I put a personal image, special character or graphic on my 4” x 8” brick?
No. No additional images may be added to a basic brick. No special letters, fonts or symbols not found on a standard keyboard are permitted. In order to have an image, art or logo on a brick, you would need to purchase an 8” x 8” artwork brick.

Do you allow for any lower case letters?
Lower case letters are only allowed for name emphasis. For example, when the name’s 2nd letter is lower case followed by an upper case such as McDougall, McMurray, etc.

Do messages have to be centered on the bricks?

Where do the proceeds go?
Proceeds support the scholars attending The Odyssey Preparatory Academy Family of Schools and helps fund the field trips, technology and hands on learning scholars benefit from.

I don’t want to order a brick on line. Can I mail in my order?
Yes, complete the online form, print and drop off at the front desk of any campus or mail to 1495 S Airport Rd, Buckeye, AZ 85326

Who do I make the check out to?
Odyssey Scholars Foundation

Is my purchase tax deductible?
Odyssey is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Always check with your tax advisor.

When is the last date I can order?
A sales cut-off date has not been determined for the first installations, so don’t delay as placement and availability is on a first come, first serve basis!

Can I choose where my brick is placed?
You may choose which campus your brick is installed at, and you may purchase multiple bricks to be placed at each campus, but bricks will be placed randomly at each campus.

What type of brick is it and how is it engraved?
The actual depth of the engraving is 1/8” – ¼” deep and a filler is used. The filler prevents the engraving from collecting dirt and debris, thus allowing for the bricks to remain legible with no deterioration of chipping away of the lettering.

What is the replica brick made of?
The replica brick will be made of the same material as the placed brick.

Will I own the brick?
You are making a gift donation to The Odyssey Preparatory Academy Family of Schools, thus the bricks purchased become the property of The Odyssey Preparatory Academy and will remain on property. Replica bricks purchased become property you own.

If I order a brick and change my mind, can I cancel the order?
All brick order sales are final and cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Can I share a brick with another family?
Due to the limited space for characters on each brick, please purchase one brick per family.